Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Check out our acrostic poems about fireworks...

Fireworks - By Holly

Fireworks are colourful.
I would never want to leave, for I love fireworks, they're they best.
Rainbow colours cross the sky like angels in the night.
Everyone waits for the explosion.
Wait, wait you have to be patient.
Over the sky they twinkle and sparkle.
Red fireworks, white fireworks, every kind of fireworks.
Kids are having fun running around, 'round, 'round, kids are having fun running around.

Fireworks - By Louie

Flying up into the air then popping.
In the air I hear fireworks exploding.
Racing your friends up and down the hill.
Eating candyfloss and sharing with your dad.
Winning all your races with your friend.
Over the hill you see the fireworks popping.
Remembering the time you had at the fireworks.
Kids sharing their toys with other people.
Silently waiting for the fireworks to explode.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Term Three

This term we continue learning about our place and our environment with a focus on sustainability. We will be learning about how we care for our environment here at school, at home and in the wider community. As a part of this learning we will be creating some cool art work to display in an Art Expo later in the term. We will also be learning some cool Maori Myths and legends that teach us about the environment and why it is so important to the people of Aotearoa.

Monday, 23 September 2013

We recieved an email about our film today...

Ka pai tamariki ma!!!   I was so impressed by your film festival last week.  I thought that your film was just wonderful and I really loved the mad scientists, the cool songs and dancing and how you acknowledged everyone who helped you on your learning journey....and how exciting to be on the big screen!!  You are great kaitiaki of your local environment and are doing a fantastic job of putting your knowledge into action and also sharing your knowledge within your community.  I would love to have a copy of the film to put up on our website to show other Drains to Harbour kids if that is OK with you all.  Keep being cool and I'll see you round.
Haere ra,
Kim Jones - DTH coordinator

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The Magic 'e'

We have been learning about the magic 'e'. We discovered that the magic 'e' makes us say the name of the vowel in a word.

                  hat has a short 'a' sound, but if we add an 'e' to the end the 'a' becomes a long 'a' sound (it says it's name) so the new word is hate.

Listen to this song for other examples and see if you can sing along.

More basic facts

Check out this song about your ten time tables and get learning them, quick!

Film Festival

Our film festival is nearing! Tickets are on sale now, get them before school (8.30 - 9.00am) from the school library. Tickets are $3.00 each - get in quick, they are selling out fast!


Saturday, 17 August 2013

Basic Facts...

We are learning our 2, 5 and 10 time tables.

Check out this time tables rap to help you learn your two time tables...

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Here is the song that Room 15 are going to sing in the film festival... We have made up actions to go along with it. We can't wait to film! 


Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Last term we began learning about fractions. We loved learning about them SO much that we have decided to begin our term with more work around fractions. We have had lots of great discussions about half and one quarter. We have been finding fractions of shapes and numbers. Room 15 are becoming particularly clever at finding half of a number to 20, which is wonderful basic facts knowledge.

Term Three!!!

This term is a short one (only 9 weeks!) but it promises to be a busy and exciting one too as we prepare for Onerahi Primary School's first ever 'Festival of Film'. The theme for our film is 'Our Place' and Ngutu Awa will be producing a film based on our learning from last term. We will be WOWing audiences with stunning acting, songs and dances all about the wetlands.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Making movies

Today Mrs Coutts came in to our class to work with a team of children. She taught them how to use iMovie on the ipads. Holly, Zac, Jared and Louie made this film. Check it out...

Part 1...
Part 2...

Friday, 7 June 2013

Exploring the Waimahanga Stream

Last Thursday Room 15 walked from school to the Waimahanga Stream. When we arrived we had to cross the stream carefully. We then took the temperature of the water and compared this to the temperature at Dragon Fly springs. We learnt that the temperature of a stream can change a lot within a short space of time. We then used the nets to try and catch fish from the stream so we could identify what species of fish live there. We also climbed down in to the stream to look under rocks, searching for things living under them. It was a great adventure! Now we will be able to compare the wetlands to the stream.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Dragonfly Springs.

Dragonfly Springs.

We went to Dragonfly Springs. We looked around first then we caught some fish with the net. After we looked around we saw a big rat dead in the trap. They catch the rats so they don’t get the eggs from the birds.

By Wairere.

Waimahanga Stream Visit.

Waimahanga Stream Visit.

Yesterday we looked for fish. Walking there was long. At the stream we went looking for bugs and insects. I saw bugs.

By Moana.

Waimahanga Stream Visit.

Waimahanga Stream Visit.

Yesterday we went to the Waimahanga stream. We saw the stream. It was so muddy. Walking there was so good. At the stream I went looking for bugs and insects. I saw buggy. I like buggy.

By Jackson.

The Waimahanga Stream.

The Waimahanga Stream.

Yesterday we went for a long walk. The rocks were slippery. Kim helped us to walk across the rocks because they were slippery.

By Aaliyah.

The Waimahanga Stream

The Waimahanga Stream Visit.

Yesterday we went to the Waimahanga stream. We had to walk far but it was fun! I saw little fish.
By Skyla

The Wetlands

The Wetlands

We went to the wetlands and I saw a water boatman and it had heaps of legs and it’s back looked like a lady bugs back. I saw tadpoles and tadpoles turn in to frogs.

By Lorelei

The Waimahanga Stream Visit.

The Waimahanga Stream Visit.

Yesterday we went to the Waimahanaga stream. It was hard walking along. We finally got there and we got to catch some fish. I got to see how cold the stream was using a thermometer. It was 17 degrees.

By Zachary

Waimahanga Stream Trip.

Waimahanga Stream Trip.

Yesterday we went on an exciting trip to the Waimahanga stream. We went passed the shops and past houses. It was slippery and muddy. We tried not to slip. When we got there I got into the stream with my gumboots on.

By Melinda.

Waimahanga Stream Trip.

Waimahanga Stream Trip.

Yesterday I went to the Waimahanga stream. I caught a sea worm.

By Quinn.  

Waimahanga Stream Trip.

Waimahanga Stream Trip.

Yesterday we all went to the Waimahanga Stream. Some people were tired. It was a long long way! And Jackson found a bug and I found a sea snake. All the other children found water boatman. If you hear one whistle you have to stop, look and listen. If you hear three whistles that means you have to come back to the meeting point.

By James.

The Wetlands

The Wetlands

On the first trip we went on this excellent adventure and it was cool when we went fishing. We used a net and we got some mosquito fish. We also got this little red fish and it was fast and it looked like a spider. We caught lots of mosquito fish. I got four. We had to walk all the way up and it took a long time and when we walked down we walked fast and some people fell over!

By Serenade

Waimahanga Stream Visit

Waimahanga Stream Trip.

Yesterday Room fifteen went to the Waimahanga stream! It was a long walk. I was excited! It was a beautiful day for a walk. I love having a walk every day. We had a discovery of fish and insects. My favourite was the red finned bully fish. There were mosquito fish too, they kill mosquitos.

By Holly.

Waimahanga Stream Visit

Waimahanga Stream Trip.

Yesterday we went to the Waimahanga track. I was so excited that I started jumping. We had a snack. It was a long way, we had to do down a big step hill. We even went passed the shops! At the bottom of the hill there was a mud patch, it was stinky. Then we were there. We had to go across the troll’s wobbly bridge. Then we had a little talk about the rules. I got to do all of the jobs except for one job.

By Louie.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Dragon Fly Springs

As you know, we are currently learning about estuaries. Check out some of our photos from our visit to Dragon Fly Springs today. This week we will use our experience as motivation for our writing.





Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Our shared writing about the drains to harbour programme.

We went to the music room to learn about drains to harbours. We learnt about lots of interesting things including water, rubbish, pollution and animals. We played an interesting game called Who Dirtied the Harbour. There was lots of dirty rubbish and pollution in the game. We learnt that we are all responsible for keeping the water clean so our fish don't die and we can still enjoy the water.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

On Tueday KiwiKick came to Onerahi Primary School. We got to go out and play some games with the instuctors. They taught us how to kick a rugby league ball and they taught us some fun new games. This is our writing about what we did...

I like to kick the ball. I got someone with the ball and I loved it.
By Leo.

Yesterday we all played Kiwi Kick. My favourite was scarecrow.
By Lily

Yesterday we played scarecrow tiggy.
By Moana.

Yesterday we played Kiwi Kick. It was fun. My favourite was the scarecrow game.
By Skyla.
Yesterday we played rugby. My favourite game is the scarecrow game.
By Aaliyah.

Yesterday we played scarecrow and I learnt how to drop kick. And then we played bomb the teacher!
By Lorelei.

On Tuesday we played rugby and it was fun and we played bomb the teacher. In scarecrow if people tag you, you have to stand like a scarecrow and if people come around you, you are safe.
By James.

Yesterday room 15 went to the Kiwi Kick. Scarecrow was the best. It was awesome.
By Zac

Yesterday room fifteen and sixteen went out to play some Kiwi Kicks. First we played scarecrow. I did not get to be the tagger. And then we played bomb the teacher. My group were the Tigers, our team won. And then we went inside.
By Louie

Black and white faces

Thursday, 9 May 2013

We have Science focus for our inquiry this term. We will be learning about estuaries and taking part in the 'Drains to Harbour' programme. As a part of this we will visit the estuary and do some scientific testing. We can't wait to be scientists!